Adult Services

Day Habilitation promotes personal choice and attaining life goals

UCP of Long Island’s Day Habilitation Services are designed to promote personal choice and expression, community inclusion and attainment of individually identified life goals and aspirations.

Services focus on the interests and strengths of each individual while providing the supports needed for success. Skill development is emphasized in areas including social skills and communication, life skills and community routines, basic safety skills, personal and health care, money management, travel training and career and work exploration through volunteering.

Day Habilitation Programs include:

Independent Living, Community Day Habilitation and The ECHO Program

These day habilitation programs provide a variety of community-based and site-based experiences such as computer training, adaptive exercise, healthy food choices and preparation, sensory activities, music enrichment, self-advocacy and volunteering.

The Brushstrokes Program

In this program, part of the Independent Living Day Hab program, participants learn to share their thoughts and feelings through painting in an adapted studio. Individuals in the program have created beautiful works that have been featured in art exhibits and at UCP of Long Island special events.

Program Without Walls

Provides a community-infused experience through which individuals learn to safely navigate and be part of our community. Volunteering is a significant part of the daily experiences offered.

Education Services
"Utilizing the paintbrush in and of itself is a great form of physical dexterity. Our individuals get to express themselves while they improve their range of motion." --Direct Support Professional James Bova “We are so pleased that Greg is in an environment that is nurturing and interesting to him. He is encouraged by the UCP program and excited by its many activities. He returns home each day from the opportunities to interact with friends, program staff and therapists. It is heartening to us, his parents, that he is in a comfortable place where he can thrive and smile that special smile of his so often.” --Margo
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