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Dear Friends,

Pause. Lock-down, stay home, stay safe.

Like all Long Islander’s, UCP of Long Island is preparing to “un-pause”.  Our priority during this difficult time remains the same as it’s been for the past 70 years: the safety and well-being of the adults and children with disabilities we serve.

Throughout the pandemic, UCP provided the exceptional care we always provide to keep the individuals we serve safe.  This crisis required many new procedures and protocols to be implemented for the protection of individuals and staff.  And through it all, our heroic team delivered outstanding care and comfort.

This was especially clear in our Residential Program. On-site services at the Children’s Center and the Adult Day Programs were suspended, and supports offered remotely. But the 31 homes in our Residential Program remained operational and 225+ vulnerable individuals sheltered in place.  Direct care staff enforced new protocols, checked temperatures, donned masks and gloves, and worked hours of overtime. Their commitment was, as always, unwavering.  Perhaps hardest of all was the “no visitation” rule: parents and loved ones were unable to visit.

At a time when families sheltered together, UCP families trusted our direct care staff to keep their loved one safe. UCP’s staff provided the highest levels of care during the most difficult of times.

Inside our homes, to alleviate fear, sadness and to manage stress, staff provided programs via Zoom, kept individuals socializing with their friends and loved ones, encouraged outdoor activities (including gardening), and so much more. They are our heroes.

Outside our homes, you will see freshly painted birdhouses hanging in trees, newly arranged colorful rock gardens, or “rainbows” in the windows – for those out seeking.  More evidence that heroes work here…

UCP has always been grateful for our extended family. This includes YOU. Yet this time has been challenging…staff overtime, personal protective equipment and similar vital expenses have skyrocketed. These costs arrive at a time when our fundraising events have been postponed.  Our need for your donations is great.  Please take a moment and send your donation today.

UCP-LI turns 70 this year. This is not the celebratory year we had planned. But the health and safety of our individuals and staff; our constituency; and the heroic efforts of our team give us much to celebrate.

Thank you for continuing to support our mission of creating a Life Without Limits.  We are in this together and we are thankful for you! 


With deepest gratitude,

Camille S. Schramm

Director of Development & Public Relations



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