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Medicaid Service Coordination

UCP of Long Island has been providing Medicaid Service Coordination for over 18 years to a diverse group of individuals with developmental disabilities in Suffolk County. Qualified Medicaid Service Coordinators (MSC) do not deliver direct services. "...MSC helps a person access necessary supports and services including medical, social, educational, employment, habilitation, rehabilitation, financial, residential, available and in accordance with the person's needs and valued outcomes as expressed in the Individualized Plan (ISP)."(From OPWDD MSC Manual).

In 2010 UCP-Suffolk sUCP of Long Islanderved over 340 individuals in MSC. 25% who represented various ethnic roots. We have a service coordinator who speaks both English and Spanish. Over eighty-five satisfaction surveys received in 2010 for MSC services indicated 100% satisfaction. In 2010 65% of our referrals to MSC Services came from families, LIDDSO, schools and other sources, such as, other agencies in the community. 55% of our referrals came from internal sources, such as, our Family Service Support Grants. One of these FSS grants assist families in need of OPWDD services to obtain Medicaid.

UCP of Long Island MSC services also has national accreditation through CARF (Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities) for Community Services Coordination. This national accreditation is not required in NYS, however, is sought after by organizations who emphasize quality structure and service delivery. For further information or if you would like to speak to someone directly, please contact our Service Coordination Manager at 631-232-0011 ext. 483 (if you have to leave a message someone will get back to you ASAP).